Two truths and a lie


We’re Laura and Matt.

October 2012

This is our travel diary.

Instead of telling you about ourselves, we’re going to play a few rounds of Two truths and a lie.



Round One:

We met two and half years ago at Canada’s most romantic campus bar: Gert’s.

Matt is the bossy one.

Laura hails from Canada’s capital, Ottawa; Matt alternately claims to be from Vancouver (B.C.), Bournemouth (England), or Dundonald (Scotland).


Round Two:

Matt is really scared of spiders.

Laura refuses to travel without mascara.

Our favourite way to start the day is getting up early and going for a run.


Round Three:

Laura isn’t injury prone.

We stopped buying cheese (but not wine) to save money for this trip.

We’ve never travelled together before, so naturally, our first trip is three and a half months long.



August 2012



You’re going to have to keep reading our blog to find out!