Watch out for the piranhas

by Laura

Siem Reap.
A seedy fish pedicure shop located outside of a restaurant, on the street.
A young Canadian couple, unsure what to expect.


Both: (Nervous laughter)


Laura: ohmygawd! I don’t know if I like this!

Matt: (giggling like a girl)


Laura: oh f#*! oh f#*! oh f#*!

Matt: (giggling like a girl)


Laura wimps out and takes her feet out of the tank.

Matt cracks a beer.


Laura: ohmygawd it tickles!!!! (bursts out laughing so hard she cries)

Matt: (giggling like a girl)

Extras: (look at Laura like she’s crazy and at Matt with pity)


Laura: Owwww!! You bastard, don’t dig in my blister!!! Ooops. I kicked him.

Matt: (giggling like a girl)


Matt’s feet.


Laura’s feet.

Later, while drying off their feet.

Matt to Laura: I would pay money just to watch you get one of those again.

The couple leaves for more beers to get over being eaten by the piranhas baby cousin.