Finding myself (please note the sarcasm)

by Laura

Happy 2013, everyone!!

We’ve already told you about our Christmas but I thought I’d share the rest of our holidays with you.

Instead of shopping this boxing day, I spent the day on a seven hour long bus ride into Cambodia.

The next day was another four hour long bus to Kep, a small town on the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand.

It was beautiful, but one of the best parts was that they had dogs!! Some were a little on the fleabag side, but just one was lovely.



He liked me more than Matt.

He followed me everywhere. His Bitch got jealous and wasn’t very nice, I told her bite me. (I love puns!)

The resort was beautiful. The perfect place to spend a few days.

The pool at Kep Lodge

The pool at Kep Lodge

The view from our porch

The view from our porch

The only downside were all three screaming brats. Seriously, as of December 30th all was fine. But before then, omg, the littles were everywhere.

After Kep, we moved onto Kampot.

Well, sort of Kampot. We stayed there this absolutely amazing place called Ganesha Riverside Resort

I know, I know. I said I wouldn’t ‘find myself’ on this trip, and I promised that I haven’t. But this is a little touchy-feely.

I have such a connection with Ganesha.

It has its own energy, its own soul. You can feel it.

Maybe that’s because we stayed in a yurt with our own private deck over the water.


Or because we paddled an old canoe made out of a tree trunk down deserted backwaters.


Or because we borrowed bikes and cycled through local villages where everything child we passed jumped up and down yelling ‘Helyo!!!’

Or, maybe, it was the owners. The French couple, Stephanie and Emanuel, really made you feel like you were part of the family. Like it was home.

Either way, there you have it, touchy-feely.